Gonzalo Marin

Mr. Marín’s research has been mostly dedicated to the avian visual system. His first research project at the University of Chile, in H. Maturana’s Lab., was about the characterization of the visual and chromatic responses of the optic nerve fibers in the quail. Later, during a 6 years stay in Josh Wallman’s Lab at City College of NY, he worked in the anatomy and physiology of the centrifugal system to the retina in chicks, as well as in physiological and behavioral aspects of ocular-motor reflexes in the same animal. In the last few years he has been studying the tecto-fugal pathway in pigeons, especially in relation to its anatomical organization, and the modulatory input that this pathway receives from the isthmic complex. These recent studies give some insights about how this pathway is involved in stimulus selection and spatial attention in birds, and perhaps in other vertebrates too.

Email Gonzalo Marín: gmarin[at]uchile.cl


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